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 Our Mission

821 Tennis is on a mission to bring quality, consistent and accessible programming to the underserved adult market. We are a tennis, fitness and lifestyle company focused on community, inner-growth/development and overall wellness.


This begins with a quality coaching program & network, accessible and focused on developing players of all skill levels. We are focused on incorporating mind/body, wellness and tennis into our curriculum because of the necessity in a well-rounded approach to life. We are reminded to nourish our mind and body through sport and movement, but also to have fun doing so!


Our goal is to elevate the adult tennis experience with tailored programs designed to nourish mind, body and community both on and off court. 

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"Tennis is simply a conduit for us. This game has taught us so many transferable life lesson, and now we want to help share these mind + body principles on a larger scale.


We want to redefine how 'recreational' sports are done. The adult population deserve way more energy and attention in programming curation, as we had in our junior development years. We deserve quality, accessibility & consistency.

You realize it's not only about walking up to the net at the end of a match to shake hands, win or loose. It's about enjoying every rally and point play. Working through each set, one by one. Win or loose, you have to enjoy playing the match as a whole. The Game of Life.


All we can control is our preparation for each point and match, our mindset through every rally and our response to the game, win or lose. It all begins with mindset, creating belief, resulting in acton.


We are walking in our purpose building this team and organization. Our aim is to evolve what adult tennis means to the masses but also to show the power off mind, body and community within the sport.  


We are a modern tennis, fitness and lifestyle brand elevating the game, with respect to tradition."


- Our Founder & CEO, Emily Morgan

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