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Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser 2023


About Autumn & Niki

Hello Everyone, Meet Autumn.

We met Autumn in Spring 2023 through Big Brother Big Sister Miami and have welcomed her into the 821 Impact Family as a personal mentor, alongside her amazing family. Autumn is 11 years old and lives here in Miami where she is diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and Anxiety. But let me tell you, she is a ROCKSTAR young lady, extremely intelligent and very talented!

Autumn's family has done so much to support and provide for her and we are so grateful to also become a part of her life as mentors, helping to guide and inspire her to become the best version of herself! 

Autumn is very important to our 821 family but also so is her family. Unfortunately, Autumn's mom, Nikki, has been diagnosed with breast cancer this year, her second battle, and will be undergoing seven months of chemotherapy and her 2nd surgery in the coming months.

 Autumn's success depends on Nikki's health & ability to provide. Nikki's success now depends on how much the community of friends, family, and kind strangers can help support her through this second fight.

A little about her professional life: Nikki is a Community Involvement Specialist at an Elementary School here in Miami. Her duties consist of assisting parents with district concerns, and being a teacher/administration liaison for parents. 

With fight number two and limited physical or financial support, Nikki needs our help.

We realized, we have a really amazing opportunity to share with our community and show her support with the members and freinds of 821. BUT, it's a surprise. She has no idea 821 is fundraising on fo her and we would love your support to blow her away and show her the love and support she deserves.

We have designed Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirt along with an online fundraising campaign (Where you can either donate individually or create a team and fundraise within your network) to both help raise awareness this month but also help to contribute financial support to Nikki, where all proceeds will be donated to Nikki & Autumn directly, on behalf of 821 Impact and our partners Big Brother Big Sister & Let's Break Bread Global.

The fundraiser will be end on October 31st and would love you to also spread the word.

We hope to see as many members as possible participating with this opportunity to give back and directly support our local community.

Please reach out if you have any questions!


Sending lots of love your way,


- 821 

How to Help

Share & Spread Awareness

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Educate yourself

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Shop your Support

Donate for Support


Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Shirts

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